Our services

Our Services

We provide our users and clients with a comprehensive set of services throughout their investing experience. Our core services include trade execution and margin financing. We surround our core offerings with a variety of value-added services, many of which we provide free of charge, to address our clients’ broader brokerage needs as well as increase general client engagement.

  • Trading, clearing and settlement

    Through our proprietary digital platform, Futubull, we provide trading, clearing and settlement services which allow our clients to trade securities, such as stocks, warrants, options, and exchange-traded funds, or ETFs, across different markets.Users can open an account online in 5 minutes and begin trading.

  • Wealth Management

    Money Plus is Futu's initial foray into the wealth managment business. Money Plus now offers a diverse array of leading fund products, including money market, fixed income and equity funds, from top-notch Chinese and global fund houses. All fund products now charge zero subscription and redemption fees, with very low investment thresholds. Users can easily track their mutual fund positions, monitor performance and understand fund basics such as duration, top holdings, and geographic and industry concentrations. Futu has seamlessly integrated client's Money Plus accounts with brokerage accounts, providing a one stop platform for asset allocation.

  • Margin financing and securities lending services

    Our margin financing and securities lending services provide real-time, cross-market securities-backed financing to our clients. We have grown these services rapidly since introduction, a reflection, we believe, of both our ability to cross-sell as well as our clients’ receptivity to increasingly sophisticated investing tools delivered seamlessly. Up to now, about 1/3 of our clients who had traded on our platform had used our margin financing and securities lending services.

  • Market data and news feeds

    We surround our trading and margin financing services and enhance our user and client experience with real-time stock quotes from the China, Hong Kong and United States equity markets, market data and news, research, as well as powerful analytical tools, providing our clients with a data rich foundation to simplify the investing decision-making process. We also provide a number of advanced and intuitive tools which allow our users and clients to customize the manner in which they monitor the capital markets.

  • User community and social interaction functions

    We improve the investing experience of our users and clients by facilitating a social user community, NiuNiu Community, embedded within our Futubull platform.In contrast to traditional investing platforms and other online brokers, we have embedded social media tools to create a user-centered network and link up users, investors, companies, analysts, media and key opinion leaders. This fosters the free flow of information, reduces information asymmetry and supports the investing decision-making process. For instance, users can exchange market views, watch live broadcasts of corporate events and participate in investment education courses offered through the NiuNiu Classroom.

  • Corporate services

    We help corporate clients establish and administer the platforms of their employee stock option plans (ESOP) and provide IPO subscription services to many listed companies. In this capacity we are able to nurture relationships with both corporate clients and their employees who become our retail clients, serving the dual purpose of diversifying our revenues and acquiring retail clients.We are known for our professional consulting team and advanced management system, gaining extensive customer base and rich management experience.